Everyone sees the world from different eyes, holding other things important and indispensable. But we do not live alone on this earth. There are people around us who help and support us, we owe them our thanks.

A big thank you to our pets!

She has taken a year sponsorship for our little Princessa.

Commitment has great priority for owners Iris & William of Cafeteria Bistro Due.
They have taken the sponsorship for our animals.


thank you very much

Iris &William
Cafeteria Bistro Due - Restaurant
Marina de Denia

A sponsorship from conviction!

Paprika country- and western-band from the Swabian country

We start from the common conviction that social prosperity and well-being must be encouraged and supported.

Social commitment to children with and without disabilities is the most beautiful and the greatest happiness on earth.

Taking over a sponsorship means for us:

To take over, to help and to support a part of the social responsibility.

We are convinced by the therapy concept of the "Pequeno-Rancho Denia" and the organization and take over the sponsorship with great joy.

Many small and great memories have left us from paradise on earth:

The animals of the ranch, the stars of the night, the flowers of the day, the sun, the soothing sea, and the bright, laughing eyes of the children.


 last update on 07.12.2017