Partnership and cooperation

Children's Aids International Children Help e. V.

Our small ranch is currently focused on working with the Kinderhilfswerk ICH e. V. Stadthagen. The cooperation is mainly focused on strengthening the base and construction area of the small ranch in its entirety. The basic idea of cooperation, the sharing of experiences and the quality development of children and youth work, promotion of therapeutic possibilities, equal opportunity and the increase of the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The founding members of the child care center ICH e. V. have a common goal of alleviating the hardship of children all over the world, without regard for the person, skin color, origin and nationality.

An idea connects: the human being is in the foreground

Dr. e.h. Dieter F. Kindermann President Children's Aids ICH e.V.


The founding members and acting actors of the

Kinderhilfswerk ICH e. V. have a common goal,

To alleviate the hardship of children around the world,

Without regard to the person, color, origin and nationality.

The peculiarity of the cooperation between the Kinderhilfswerk ICH e. V. and the Pequeño Rancho Denia team is the high mutual perception and appreciation. The pursuit of equal goals, for the benefit of people with special Needs.

The Kinderhilfswerk I.C.H e. V.
Has the sponsorship for our Pequeño Rancho Denia
And our children and youth work.

 last update on 02.01.2017