American Miniature Horses

The American Miniature Horses come from the United States. They are a distinct and recognized breed of horse.  American miniature horses are measured according to the breed standard of the American miniature horses Association at the withers in the horse by the last mane hair to not exceed the maximum floor height of 86 cm (34 inches).

The American Miniature Horse is virtually no bigger than a large dog and still fairly unknown in Germany and much of Europe. Arabian blood was crossed in the bloodline of the American Miniature Horses, therefore the small horses look very, very similar to the Arabs.

The reason is: Arabs belong to the most beautiful and finest horse breeds. You have a gentle nature and involved people and are actively looking for people close. Arabs have a quick wits and are very sensitive.

American Miniature Horses as playmates for King's children and noble houses were bred in Europe since the 17th century. When the time of the monarchy comes to an end, the interest in American miniature horses took off.  The breeding was resumed only in 1967 in America, and since 2003, this special breed in the breeding books of Europe is officially recognized and represented. Specifically, the breeding identified particularly philanthropic shares so that this charming small horse officially therapy used in the field of animal assistant therapies.

The American Miniature Horse is patient, good-natured, docile, attentive, eager, friendly and incredibly close to people. American Miniature Horses are different from the other races in their character. They are a small miracle of nature, wonderful family horses, friends for life.

Is there a reason why we provide treatment with American miniature horses?

Our American Miniature Horses are especially therapy companion for children and adults.

You have an incredible sensitivity to moods and help people with mental and physical illnesses. Since the 8th century, animals were employed for the enhancement of human well-being. In the early Greece these hourses has been taken for to help to maintain the will to live for heavy- and terminally ill people. The famous British nurse, Florence Nightingale once said: "Animals are often healing for the sick, they create a good feeling relationship and can thereby develop healing impulses".

By interacting with our American Miniature Horses, you can promote the healing of the sick. People with stroke learn to relax or to accept their disability. The animal is considered to release emotional blockages for mental disorders.

American Miniature Horses can serve as a bridge of the relationship.
This is very useful especially in the treatment of some specific diagnoses:

Children with ADHD, autism, aggression, down syndrome, ADS, delays the development, mentally or physically ill, stroke, Burnout, depression, blind, motor problems, abnormalities in social or emotional behavior, perceptual disorders, fear, loneliness, therapy fatigue, dementia, promoting the joy of life, etc.

We work therapeutically with our American Miniature Horses according to the principle of free interaction - encounter between man and animal - without steering by a therapist.

A therapy of the affection and attention

American Miniature Horses are trained as blind be floating horses in America.

Animals are and will have the better therapists. We are looking forward now to wonderful moments in the encounter between man and animal. We know from experience that there where the speech therapy and the mind fail the nature unfolds its full effect and is able to work miracles and even strongest blockages. 

Visit us! We look forward to your well-being to be able to participate


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