About me

From my youth I had the desire to be active in the field of nursing and education. For years I worked in a facility for people with mental and physical disabilities. Apart from many years of work in the area of ​​education, nursing and dementia, I work independently in the field of animal-assisted therapy.

Animals have become part of my life. The natural coexistence of humans and animals is self-evident to me and an enrichment in my everyday life. I acquired the basic knowledge of animal-assisted therapy as well as my first experience and education in Spain - Mundomar. My way into the animal-assisted therapy began without me noticing it. One can say that it simply took hold of me and did not let go. I am convinced that animals promote the recovery of humans. Animals have something they want us to share with people, most of all when we are not doing well. They give strength and self-confidence.

"The experience of affection, acknowledgment and admiration creates a positive self-image, strengthens self-esteem and thus self-awareness."

"Where the beast accepts man as it is, man can also begin to accept himself as he is."

Just a little horse

From time to time people say to me:

"Come on, yes is * only a small horse *" or

                                              "That's a lot of money for * only a small horse *".

You do not understand the way you go with * only a small horse *.

The time or the money you have invested in * only a small horse *.
       Some of my proudest moments I experienced thanks to * only a small horse *.

Many hours passed and my only company was * Only a small horse *.
But not a single second was wasted.

In some of my saddest moments, it was about * only a small horse *
And in those gloomy days gave me the gentle touch of
* Only a small horse *
A good feeling and a reason to pass these days.

If you also think, "Is yes * only a small horse *",

Then you may also understand words,

Like "just a friend", "just a sunrise" or "just a promise".

* Only a small horse * brings the feeling of true friendship,
Confidence and unbridled joy in life.

   * Only a small horse * helps me to exercise patience.

It recognizes my strengths and weaknesses.

* Just because of a small horse * I get up early, move me in the air,
   Take part in our environment and look forward to the future with joyful expectation.

You see, for me and people like me, it is not

* Only a small horse *, but the incarnation of all the hopes and dreams for the future,

The beautiful memories of the past and the pure joy of the present.

* Only a small horse * gets the best out of me and directs my thoughts from me
      And my everyday worries.

               I hope that one day one understands that it is not * only a small horse *
                But what gives me humanity and keeps me from it,
Not * to be a woman *.

     So the next time you hear someone say
                * Only a small horse *, then just smile,
Because they do not understand "only" the lesson of life,
       Which was given us by * only a small horse *.

                                 And remember, what joy of life
* Only a small horse * can give.

No matter how big!

Words of extraordinary significance and great significance.
         Wundervoll described - converted from pony to small horse -

 last update on 17.08.2017