Anyone can support a good cause

Everyone can support a good cause, for this he must have no wealth.

Sure, little money goes without money. But without the energetic support of others is nothing!

Small and medium donations can also have a great effect.

All our projects, children and families are supported in a targeted and unbureaucratic manner with the donations

Sponsors, donors and sponsorships

 Sponsors and donors are always welcome and helpful.

Would you like to support our Pequeño Rancho / Espana?

We are dependent on donations and sponsors. It is only in this way that we can design our services individually and improve the life situation of large and small people with disabilities and severe stress.

Donations in kind

Riding helmets for children, youngsters and adults, saddle blankets, bridles, saddles for riding horses and ponies, halter and knit, fly protection, life guard, plaster box, etc.

Donate and help

Even a small one-time donation can help us. Really every cent is used by us to support animal-assisted therapy, animals and the Pequeño Rancho.

Bank Details:

Schattenkinder e.V.

IBAN: DE18 49450120 0221372121


Usage: Pequeno Rancho

Sparkasse Herford


Or directly:

Angelika Riegmann-Matthies

IBAN:  ES42 0081 1337 1800 0132 2535


Usage: Pequeno Rancho

Banco de Sabadell

We are very grateful to you for any help you may have.

In the entrance area of the Pequeño Rancho / Espana is a large sponsor board, on which all sponsors and godparents with names are thankfully represented. The sponsors' donation funds are used to develop ranch and animal-assisted therapy. 

On request, we can send you a donation receipt from 200 Euro - donations up to 200 Euro can be submitted to the tax office without proof of donation - acknowledgment of receipt - with the receipt or transfer document.

Paten wanted!

Link to Paten Creatures

Animal-assisted therapy with American Miniature Horse.

Our horses are the therapists of children with special needs. The keeping and care of our horses is expensive, to the cost of food and accommodation, there are still regular blacksmiths - veterinarian costs and further education. In order to keep the costs of therapy for parents and relatives as low as possible, we are looking for sponsors for our therapy horses.

They can either become a godfather or a sponsorship as a gift for relatives or friends. The sponsorship can be taken half-year or year-round. The monthly fee is 30 euros. It begins with the first day of the date indicated on the sponsorship contract and ends automatically at the end of the agreed period or at the end of the lifetime of the horse. The special love and relationship between the godfather and his favorite horse is honored by the fact that on the stable door a table betrays the name of the godfather and a patented certificate is given to him.

Each of our horses, may also have several godparents. You can, of course, always visit your godparent. We would like to thank you for your interest and would be pleased if you could personally approach us in matters of sponsorship.

 last update on 07.12.2017