Unfortunately, we also have to part from our little wonderful horse - foals. We are a small with love-guided therapy, no breeding or horse trade.

Our passion, interest and hobby is in the field of therapy and, of course, in the breeding of American Miniature Horses.
Each of our horses was specially selected, bought and has a very high proportion of Arab blood.
All our American Miniature Horses have their own studbook.

They are registered with AMHA - "The American Miniature Horse Association / Inc., Texas".
We attach particular importance to the origin, bloodline and high quality of the animals.
Our horses are very weaned from large numbers of small and very small people.

They are accustomed to halters, grooming, blacksmiths and in regular veterinary care, through our veterinarian.
We love our horses and look very much at a loving and appropriate attitude.

We sell our horses only to respectable, trustworthy and loving people.
The main focus is on the welfare of the animal, not the profit.
Sales on request.

 last update on 24.02.2017