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Combine therapy with holidays in Spain!

Our small horse-backed paradise is located directly on the Costa Blanca - in Denia - about one car trip from Alicante.

The city of Denia, is very attractive for a family holiday. The Costa Blanca is also an ideal holiday destination for children, young people and the elderly.

With its varied recreational and leisure activities, Denia and the surrounding area is an attractive excursion and destination for a small holiday.

Holidays and therapy, this makes sense. Sometimes it can be very beneficial to escape from its normal environment, everyday stress, and its commitments, in order to achieve optimal therapeutic efficacy.

Holiday and relief offer:

Relief offer for parents and single parents.

Integrative care group - game, fun and movement with our Minis.

For children and adolescents aged 6 - 15 years.

The supervised day group provides for adventurous hours, exciting moments and an unforgettable moment. The children receive a hot meal and in the afternoon fruit - to the meals are drinks.

Opening times:

according to the Arrangement.

 last update on 07.12.2017